The Long Island Medium Visits Brownstones Coffee

Theresa Caputo, star of the popular TLC series, "The Long Island Medium" recently stopped by Brownstones for a bite to eat and to film a segement for the upcoming season of her show.


Primetime TV Show “What Would You Do?” Filmed at Brownstones Coffee


Brownstones customers recently starred on the Primetime ABC television show, "What Would You Do?" hosted by John Quinones and guest starring Barbara Corcoran of "Shark Tank." The episode aired as the season premiere. If you missed the show, check it out by clicking here.


Brownstones Coffee wins award for “Best Coffee Shop” on Long Island

Brownstones Coffee wins award for "Best Coffee Shop" on Long Island.


Results are in and Brownstones Coffee won Best of Long Island’s award for Best Coffee Shop!

Brownstones Coffee’s Breakfast Scramble Featured in Newsday

Brownstones Coffee’s Breakfast Scramble was recently featured in Newsday. Check out a clip of the article and some photos from the shoot below.


Chamber of Commerce Holiday Party Held at Brownstones

Each year, the Amityville Chamber of Commerce meets to celebrate the holidays and the completion of a successful year. This year, the Chamber of Commerce met at "Darlings and Divas" for a cocktail party catered by Country Roads Catering. Following dinner, the group relocated to Brownstones Coffee where Chamber members enjoyed coffee and dessert. The owners and staff at Brownstones were pleased to be a part of the special event.

Thanksgiving Dinner Donations Post Hurricane Sandy

Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the owners of Brownstones Coffee teamed up with Country Roads Catering with the hope that they could bring a little warmth and happiness to the community for the Thanksgiving holiday. The group worked together to donate Thanksgiving dinners to local residents who were without heat, without power, or without a home. The effort was a success. Over 100 families received the donation and were able to have a Thanksgiving dinner despite the unfortunate circumstances.

A Time Machine Sojourns at Brownstones Coffee

Presidents, Kings, Queens and scientists past, present and future amazed! The mighty power of steam and the new force of electricity make time travel a reality. Engineered by Emanuel Kourounis at Spark Gap Laboratories. This experimental machine marked it’s first successful trials. Leaving the present time and visiting past times unknown successfully and with little episode. Ushering in a new age of human ingenuity which dislodges all future technologies.

The World Responds!

“Naysayers stunned! A wonderful invention with unlimited applications”
New York Morning Chronical – Today

“I’m daunted and flabbergasted at its overwhelming power and in awe of it’s elegant design”
Alexander Graham Bell – Year 1874

“Ingenious with no apparent infringement on our designs or Tesla’s electrical quackery”
Thomas Edison – Year 1897

“Pleasantly astonished it was invented by man for all worlds to utilize peace”
K2417 – Science Officer at Keplar23 – Year 2373

“Steam? Nonsense I say, it just can’t be! Edisonian malarkey and hogwash. An impossibility!”
Nikola Tesla – Year 1903

“The then… the now… the will be… All within reach at last… e=mc3 off by a digit lol!”
Trebla Nietsie – Year 2155

Come see the Time Machine at Brownstones Coffee before it leaves us!

A Time Machine Sojourns at Brownstones Coffee

Brownstones Opens its New Dining Room in Amityville

Brownstones Coffee in Amityville is pleased to announce the completion of an additional dining room. With one side’s theme surrounded around a 1913 snapshot of the Brooklyn Motor Speedway and the another wall designed to replicate an old fashioned firehouse, it’s safe to say that the new room is anything but your average dining room. As owner Manny Kourounis says of the new room, "The main dining room has something for the ladies… And the new dining room has something for the boys.” But it isn’t just the look of the room that is incredible. Owners are happy to better accommodate their customers with increased space and seating. Whether you’re stopping in for some brunch or just passing through for a latte, you’ll want to take a peak at Brownstones’ newest addition.

Brownstones Celebrates First Anniversary of Relaunch

Brownstones Coffee is celebrating its one year anniversary. It’s been a year filled with excitement, changes and fun at Brownstones in Amityville. When first opening the doors, owners Manny and Christopher Kourounis weren’t sure what to expect for the upcoming year. Now, one year later, they are pleased to report that Brownstones has welcomed over 35,000 loyal customers. They’re looking forward to what the future has in store for Brownstones. Congratulations!

Brownstones Coffee Launches New Website

Brownstones Coffee is happy to announce the launch of its new website: While the website is still a work in progress, owners and staff are excited about the opportunities this website presents and for the online connection they will now be able to create with their customers.

Newsday “Feed Me” Video: Brownstones

Customers partake of freshly brewed coffee, a quaint atmosphere and a decadent breakfast menu in this week’s Feed Me video. Morning people from all over Nassau and Suffolk swarm to Brownstones in Amityville for the sweet-tooth lovers’ stuffed French toast and creative interior design.

Read Article & Watch Video Here

Brownstones Coffee in Amityville Donates to Autism Speaks

Manny and Christopher Kourounis, owners of Brownstones Coffee, in Amityville made an initial donation of $500 to Autism Speaks and they will be making other efforts in the following months to support the foundation. For example, Brownstones will be selling $1 Autism Speaks bracelets in their store. Additionally, a percentage of their profit from customer purchases will be donated monthly to the organization.

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