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From Brooklyn to Brownstones and Beyond!

A hearty welcome to Brownstones Coffee!
The rowhouses and front stoops of a Brooklyn childhood inspired the look of our popular Long Island bistro. But it’s our inspired menu creations, along with our specialty coffees and teas, that are satisfying modern day appetites.

It was hardly a straight line from our Brooklyn roots to our thriving food business. Leaving his career in the technology sector in 1992, our founder wanted to try his hand as an entrepreneur, first with an extremely successful bagel deli in Amityville, NY, then with an off-premise catering company with several divisions.

In 2002, we started to develop Brownstones concept and began construction of our first Brownstones location. The coffeehouse evolved into a full-service bistro, where one of our few challenges these days is finding enough parking and seating for our all our happy customers!

Now our multi-talented, experienced management team is spearheading the Brownstones Coffee restaurant franchise program, so we can take our original dream into other communities. We’re proud of what we started from scratch and fine-tuned through the years, and we’re eager to share our concept with coffee and food lovers throughout the country!