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A Time Machine Sojourns At Brownstones Coffee

Presidents, Kings, Queens and scientists past, present and future amazed! The mighty power of steam and the new force of electricity make time travel a reality. Engineered by Emanuel Kourounis at Spark Gap Laboratories. This experimental machine marked it’s first successful trials. Leaving the present time and visiting past times unknown successfully and with little episode. Ushering in a new age of human ingenuity which dislodges all future technologies.

The World Responds!

“Naysayers stunned! A wonderful invention with unlimited applications”
New York Morning Chronical – Today

“I’m daunted and flabbergasted at its overwhelming power and in awe of it’s elegant design”
Alexander Graham Bell – Year 1874

“Ingenious with no apparent infringement on our designs or Tesla’s electrical quackery”
Thomas Edison – Year 1897

“Pleasantly astonished it was invented by man for all worlds to utilize peace”
K2417 – Science Officer at Keplar23 – Year 2373

“Steam? Nonsense I say, it just can’t be! Edisonian malarkey and hogwash. An impossibility!”
Nikola Tesla – Year 1903

“The then… the now… the will be… All within reach at last… e=mc3 off by a digit lol!”
Trebla Nietsie – Year 2155

Come see the Time Machine at Brownstones Coffee before it leaves us!